XSN Open Beta [Update] AUG 28 2020

The Stakenet open beta wallet launch & bug bounty has gone live, and we are pleased to announce a successful deployment with all core features + functionalities stable and performing as expected. After the first 24 hours we have experienced 50 active users on average using the wallet at a given time. This number aligns with our plan to on board and grow our user base gradually to closely monitor feedback, and prepare new features + our backend for scale during the bounty phase to prepare for growth.

We begin this new journey with a strong community of Masternodes ( over 2,500+), Stakers, and XSN merchants all active and engaged daily with our blockchain. The next phase of growth will be migrating our existing user base into our Stakenet wallet using the following support tools and features…

  1. Trustless Proof of Stake from Hardware Trezor+Ledger directly from the light wallet (TPoS Sig HF to come very soon)

The TPoS Sig HF will enable users to cold stake from both Trezor and Ledger without any firmware update or support needed from either Trezor or Ledger. Users can begin staking using first the web (in production now) then the light wallet (devs adding libraries and dependencies now for support)

2. Masternode mgmt from HW and LW (utilizing our planned network upgrade)

Migrate masternode collateral, management and governance features from the core wallet into the light wallet. Bringing an ecosystem of over 2,500 nodes into our software

3. In wallet Ethereum + Token Support

With this addition we will be able to support ETH state channels and in wallet cross exchanging ETH-BTC and ERC-20-BTC pairs on layer 2 via our DEX

From then on, newly joined members will simply need to DL the Stakenet wallet to…

  • Purchase XSN

This will come with preparations for mass scaling coinciding with an official public launch date and distribution. We are pleased to see and bring the project into a new phase going from a private development focus to a product centered (wallet) software and (XSN) blockchain providing useful tools and services for staking, storage, and exchanging all in one place.



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