XSN-Core Update AUG 23 2020

Calling all bot devs!

Stakenet DEX is offering zero trading fees for bot makers during open beta rollout next week on our Lightning Network layer 2 DEX. If you are a bot dev and want to get involved, join our discord and let us know.
Select XSN Grants, bonuses and bounties also provided.

Stakenet Wallet V3.7.2

Stakenet V3.7.2 is released. Those in beta groups please DL direct from new links provided in our private channels.

V3.7.2 comes with a new wallet updater, UX improvements, and more optimizations. Those on MAC the auto-update is now fixed and will work from within the wallet.

DEX Public Beta

This upcoming week we will be entering public beta! When we open the DEX for public beta, we want to drive a userbase to help stress test the DEX and backend systems. With this in mind, we will be running a promotional period of reducing the trading fees to zero or near zero as this will allow us to monitor how the backend is working. This period will also come with bug bounty rewards, bot making contests and other promotions as we prepare to scale and work to integrate Ethereum & Raiden.




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Hydranet Team

Hydranet Team

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